Hic index electronice confectus est nominaque ita praebet ut in libris inveniuntur. Qua re variae eiusdem nominis formae non semper eodem loco stabunt; e. g. "Eobanum Hessum" tam sub voce "Eobanus" quam sub voce "Hessus" requirere necesse erit.
Indicantur autem (si quae inveniuntur)
nomina hominum,
nomina mythologica,
nomina gentium,
nomina locorum,
nomina sacra et ecclesiastica,
nomina societatum collegiorumque.
Nota bene: Iuncturis "HTML-text" non ipsum verbum adiri potest, sed pagina, in qua inveniatur. Ipsum vero verbum facile invenietur inter ea, quae in sequentibus paragraphis linea subdita insigniuntur.

This is an electronically generated index. It shows every name as it appears in the text, which means that various forms of the same name do not always stand together. The name "Eobanus Hessus", for instance, may be listed under "Eobanus" as well as under "Hessus", depending on the forms found in the text.
The entries are classified as either
personal names,
mythological names,
names of nations and tribes,
geographical names,
biblical and ecclesiastical names,
or names of institutions.
Please note: The links "HTML-text" will lead you not to the word itself, but to the page (or double-page) that contains the word. The word itself will be one of the highlighted terms following the page anchor.

Nomina hominum:
Adami Loniceri s207 HTML-Text
Aristotelem s198 HTML-Text
Aristoteles s193 HTML-Text
Biberius s112 HTML-Text
Christiani Egenolphi s207 HTML-Text
Cicero reference: Tullius s198 HTML-Text
Ciceronis s198 HTML-Text
D. Sebastiani Hamaxurgi s001 HTML-Text
Demodocus s034 HTML-Text
Demosthenes s112 HTML-Text
Diogenis s012 HTML-Text
Erasmus s198 HTML-Text
Georgii Laeti s005 HTML-Text
Ioachimus Camerarius s003 HTML-Text
Ioannis Cnipii Andronici secundi s207 HTML-Text
Iohan. Posthium. s200 HTML-Text
Mahometa s205 HTML-Text
Naso s001 HTML-Text
Opsopoeus s006 HTML-Text
Pauli Steinmeyers s207 HTML-Text
Paulum s116 HTML-Text
Paulus s107 HTML-Text
Pindarus s167 HTML-Text
Plato s193 HTML-Text
Platone s035 HTML-Text
Sebaldus Heyden s005 HTML-Text
Thomae Venatorii s103 HTML-Text
Tiberio s112 HTML-Text
Xenocratem s193 HTML-Text

Nomina mythologica:
Acherontis s204 HTML-Text
Achilles s187 HTML-Text
Bacche s038 HTML-Text
Bacche s039 HTML-Text
Bacche s068 HTML-Text
Bacchi s012 HTML-Text
Bacchi s039 HTML-Text
Bacchi s050 HTML-Text
Bacchi s067 HTML-Text
Bacchi s068 HTML-Text
Bacchi s101 HTML-Text
Bacchi s103 HTML-Text
Bacchicus s203 HTML-Text
Baccho s058 HTML-Text
Baccho s065 HTML-Text
Baccho s067 HTML-Text
Bacchum s059 HTML-Text
Bacchus s030 HTML-Text
Bacchus s036 HTML-Text
Bacchus s069 HTML-Text
Bacchus s101 HTML-Text
Bacchus s103 HTML-Text
camena s101 HTML-Text
camenae s070 HTML-Text
camenis s068 HTML-Text
Camenis s066 HTML-Text
Cerberus s204 HTML-Text
Circen s044 HTML-Text
Iacchi s101 HTML-Text
Iuppiter s205 HTML-Text
Jupiter reference: divinus rector Olympi s187 HTML-Text
Lethes s204 HTML-Text
Mavortis s068 HTML-Text
Minerva s031 HTML-Text
Musa s066 HTML-Text
Musa s103 HTML-Text
Musa s200 HTML-Text
Nympharum s067 HTML-Text
Orphei s194 HTML-Text
Pluto s204 HTML-Text
Pluto s205 HTML-Text
Stygiis s204 HTML-Text
Stygis s191 HTML-Text
Tartareas s203 HTML-Text
Thetis s039 HTML-Text
Ulysse s049 HTML-Text
Ulysses s036 HTML-Text
Ulysses s137 HTML-Text
Venus s201 HTML-Text
Venus s201 HTML-Text
Vulcania s068 HTML-Text

Nomina gentium:
Bavarico s113 HTML-Text
Ephesios s107 HTML-Text
Indos s069 HTML-Text
Parthica s194 HTML-Text
Phrygii s203 HTML-Text
Scythia s205 HTML-Text
Scythiam s205 HTML-Text
Thraca s205 HTML-Text
Thracae s205 HTML-Text
Thracam s205 HTML-Text

Nomina locorum:
Asiae s205 HTML-Text
Ister s200 HTML-Text
Phaeacia s034 HTML-Text
Rhenus s200 HTML-Text
Romae s198 HTML-Text
Thracia tellus s205 HTML-Text
Winsberg s113 HTML-Text

Nomina sacra et ecclesiastica:
Ioanni Abbati s012 HTML-Text

Nomina collegiorum societatumque:
Stoica s195 HTML-Text
Stoicus s193 HTML-Text

Nomina incerta: