Hic index electronice confectus est nominaque ita praebet ut in libris inveniuntur. Qua re variae eiusdem nominis formae non semper eodem loco stabunt; e. g. "Eobanum Hessum" tam sub voce "Eobanus" quam sub voce "Hessus" requirere necesse erit.
Indicantur autem (si quae inveniuntur)
nomina hominum,
nomina mythologica,
nomina gentium,
nomina locorum,
nomina sacra et ecclesiastica,
nomina societatum collegiorumque.
Nota bene: Iuncturis "HTML-text" non ipsum verbum adiri potest, sed pagina, in qua inveniatur. Ipsum vero verbum facile invenietur inter ea, quae in sequentibus paragraphis linea subdita insigniuntur.

This is an electronically generated index. It shows every name as it appears in the text, which means that various forms of the same name do not always stand together. The name "Eobanus Hessus", for instance, may be listed under "Eobanus" as well as under "Hessus", depending on the forms found in the text.
The entries are classified as either
personal names,
mythological names,
names of nations and tribes,
geographical names,
biblical and ecclesiastical names,
or names of institutions.
Please note: The links "HTML-text" will lead you not to the word itself, but to the page (or double-page) that contains the word. The word itself will be one of the highlighted terms following the page anchor.

Nomina hominum:
Antonio s044 HTML-Text
Antonius s044 HTML-Text
Aristoteles s001 HTML-Text
Aristoteles s073 HTML-Text
Attaeis s042 HTML-Text
Attaeis s105 HTML-Text
Bingi s005 HTML-Text
Bingi s012 HTML-Text
Bingi s015 HTML-Text
Bingi s130 HTML-Text
Bingi s130 HTML-Text
Bingi s187 HTML-Text
Bingi s188 HTML-Text
Bingi s190 HTML-Text
Bingi s191 HTML-Text
Bingius s190 HTML-Text
Bingius s191 HTML-Text
BURCHARDUS MIthobius D. s002 HTML-Text
Cato s001 HTML-Text
Cato s016 HTML-Text
Catones s002 HTML-Text
Catones s010 HTML-Text
Catones s081 HTML-Text
Catonum s047 HTML-Text
Cecropii s101 HTML-Text
Cicero s001 HTML-Text
Croesus reference: rex Lydius s191 HTML-Text
Demosthenis s101 HTML-Text
Diogenes s037 HTML-Text
Diogenes reference: demens Cynicus s037 HTML-Text
DN. SIMONEM BINGIUM, HASsiacum Secretarium s005 HTML-Text
Ephestio s144 HTML-Text
Erasmus s001 HTML-Text
Erasmus reference: Roterodamus s006 HTML-Text
Erasmus s026 HTML-Text
Friderici Dedekindi s005 HTML-Text
Friderico Dedekindo s014 HTML-Text
Galenus s119 HTML-Text
Hannibalis s143 HTML-Text
Horace reference: Flaccus s177 HTML-Text
Machaonis s009 HTML-Text
Marcus Tullius Cicero reference: Tullius s006 HTML-Text
Ovid reference: Nasonis s103 HTML-Text
Ovid reference: Nasonis s184 HTML-Text
Ovid reference: Paeligni versus studiosa Poetae s184 HTML-Text
Platone s001 HTML-Text
Platonem s006 HTML-Text
Plinius s059 HTML-Text
Plinius s060 HTML-Text
Pythagorea s072 HTML-Text
Romuleae s034 HTML-Text
Simon s005 HTML-Text
Socratis s066 HTML-Text
Studioso Lectori S. s002 HTML-Text
Xanthippe s066 HTML-Text
Xanthippe reference: Socratis uxor s066 HTML-Text
Zenonis s047 HTML-Text

Nomina mythologica:
Achilles s053 HTML-Text
Amazonio s018 HTML-Text
Apollo s008 HTML-Text
Apollo reference: Clario s029 HTML-Text
Apollo s178 HTML-Text
Apollo s192 HTML-Text
Bacchi s061 HTML-Text
Bacchi s100 HTML-Text
Bacchi s100 HTML-Text
Bacchi s103 HTML-Text
Bacchi s117 HTML-Text
Bacchi s170 HTML-Text
Bacchica s138 HTML-Text
Bacchive s040 HTML-Text
Baccho s002 HTML-Text
Baccho s071 HTML-Text
Bacchum s063 HTML-Text
Bacchus reference: Lenaee pater s015 HTML-Text
Bacchus reference: Iaccho s060 HTML-Text
Bacchus reference: Lyaeo s100 HTML-Text
Bacchus s149 HTML-Text
Bacchus reference: Iaccho s150 HTML-Text
Bacchus reference: Lenaea s172 HTML-Text
Bacchus reference: Lyaeo s183 HTML-Text
Cereali s063 HTML-Text
Cerealia s063 HTML-Text
Cererem s040 HTML-Text
Chironis s053 HTML-Text
Clotho s048 HTML-Text
Cyclopas s121 HTML-Text
Daedala s002 HTML-Text
Eoo s164 HTML-Text
Fauni s015 HTML-Text
lares s075 HTML-Text
Machaonia s119 HTML-Text
Martia s026 HTML-Text
Mavortius s070 HTML-Text
Minerva s146 HTML-Text
Musa s005 HTML-Text
Musa s027 HTML-Text
Musa s056 HTML-Text
Musa s189 HTML-Text
Musa s189 HTML-Text
Musa s190 HTML-Text
Musae s015 HTML-Text
Musae s016 HTML-Text
Muse reference: Helicone s190 HTML-Text
Odysseus reference: Laertiades s053 HTML-Text
Paeoniae s061 HTML-Text
Pasiphae reference: Cressa s018 HTML-Text
Pegasii s130 HTML-Text
Phoebique s191 HTML-Text
Phoebo s122 HTML-Text
Phoebo s130 HTML-Text
Phoebus s051 HTML-Text
Phoebus s164 HTML-Text
Pluti s129 HTML-Text
Pluti s191 HTML-Text
Saturnus s018 HTML-Text
Sirenum s071 HTML-Text
stentorea s128 HTML-Text
Stentoreo s114 HTML-Text
Thalia s187 HTML-Text
the Muses reference: Aonias humana fronte sorores s191 HTML-Text
the Muses reference: Castraque Pieridum s191 HTML-Text
the Muses reference: Castalides s191 HTML-Text
the Muses reference: divae, quae sacrum Helicona frequentant, s191 HTML-Text
Ulysses s071 HTML-Text

Nomina gentium:
Lapitharum s128 HTML-Text
Latini s006 HTML-Text
Lydius s191 HTML-Text
Pannoniis s098 HTML-Text
Punica s143 HTML-Text
Romanas s143 HTML-Text

Nomina locorum:
Aethna s089 HTML-Text
Aonios s002 HTML-Text
Ausonia s044 HTML-Text
Ausonia s144 HTML-Text
Breana s062 HTML-Text
Francica terra s098 HTML-Text
Graecia s006 HTML-Text
Haered. Chr. Egenolphi s192 HTML-Text
Hamburgo s062 HTML-Text
Hannovera s062 HTML-Text
Hebraea s016 HTML-Text
Helicona s191 HTML-Text
Helicone s190 HTML-Text
Hyblaeis s002 HTML-Text
India s021 HTML-Text
India s147 HTML-Text
Pannonico s100 HTML-Text
Pergama s143 HTML-Text
Rheni s098 HTML-Text
Roma s044 HTML-Text
Roma s102 HTML-Text
Rome reference: Romuleae Tullius urbis s034 HTML-Text
Rome reference: Ausonia consul in urbe s044 HTML-Text
Saxonia s063 HTML-Text
Saxonis s061 HTML-Text
Scythica s026 HTML-Text
Sicelis s089 HTML-Text
Sicelis s121 HTML-Text
Sithonia s070 HTML-Text
Sithonias s087 HTML-Text
Sithoniave s120 HTML-Text
Vestphalici s087 HTML-Text
Vitebergae s013 HTML-Text

Nomina sacra et ecclesiastica:
Adam s033 HTML-Text
Eua s033 HTML-Text

Nomina collegiorum societatumque:
Cynici s047 HTML-Text
Cynics reference: Cynaedorum s047 HTML-Text
medical science reference: Paeoniae non est mos cognitus artis s061 HTML-Text
Stoicorum s047 HTML-Text

Nomina incerta: