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Campanus, Johannes Antonius (1429-1477):
Omnia Campani Opera Quae continentur hoc in libro sunt : Campani vita per Michaelem Fernum. Campani de ingratitudine fugienda libri tres. De regendo magistratu. De dignitate matrimonii ... / [Hrsg.: Michael Fernus]. - Venetiis: Impressum per Bernardinum Vercellensem Iussu domini Andreae Torresano de Assula, 1502. - CXVIII, [6], LXXXIIII, [2], LVIII, [4], XXVI, [1] lvs. ; 2o. - Type area 24,6 x 14,8 cm - Call number: Sch 051/208

The Milanese prebendary Michele Ferni who zealously propagated the fame and writings of Campanus, adorned his 1495 Roman edition (a digital copy of which is available at HAB Wolfenbüttel) with lavish indexes and notes that are extant in the present 1502 Venetian edition as well. As time does not allow us to transcribe the indexes in full, we give a table of contents that basically corresponds to the list of items found on the title page of the 1502 edition. Occasionally, though, we supply additional information drawn from the indexes.
For more information about the Ferni edition (among others) please see: Flavio Di Bernardo: Un vescovo umanista alla corte pontificia: Giannantonio Campano (1429-1477). Editrice Pontificia Università Gregoriana, 1975, p. 5-8 (available online at Google Books).

Table of contents:

(Title page.) fol. 1a
Omnium index. (NB: The particular indexes extant in subsequent parts of this edition are fuller than this general index!) fol. 3b
Campani vita per Michaelem Fernum. fol. 8a

Campani de ingratitudine fugienda libri tres fol. 22a. - Liber II fol. 27b. - Liber III. fol. 40b
De regendo magistratu. fol. 43a
De dignitate matrimonii. fol. 48b
Descriptio Thrasimeni [ Trasimeni ]. fol. 51b
De obitu fratris ad Cardinalem Papiensem epistola consolatoria. fol. 55b
In varios authores [ auctores ]] censurae. fol. 63b
Epistola in qua comparat Ciceronem Quintiliano. fol. 65a
Oratio in ascensionem domini. fol. 65b
Oratio in principio studii Perusiae. fol. 67b
Oratio cinericia. fol. 73b
Oratio de spiritu sancto. fol. 79a
Oratio de circumcisione. fol. 82b
Oratio de sancto Stephano. fol. 84b
De sancto Thoma Aquinate. fol. 86b
Contra Turchos [ Turcos ] ad principes Germanos. fol. 90a
In exequiis [ exsequiis ] Papae Pii. fol. 95a
In exequiis [ exsequiis ] Nelli de Balionibus. fol. 100b
In exequiis [ exsequiis ] Ioannis archiepiscopi Beneventani. fol. 110a
In exequiis [ exsequiis ] cardinalis S. Susannae saxo ferrarensis [ Saxoferratensis ]. fol. 112a
In exequiis [ exsequiis ] ducis Urbinatis. fol. 114b

Epistolarum libri IX. Epitomarius in epistolas index. fol. 1a
(Editor's dedication. fol. 1a) - Liber I fol. 2a. - Liber II fol. 9a. - Liber III fol. 17b. - Liber IV fol. 27b. - Liber V fol. 35b. - Liber VI fol. 48a. - Liber VII fol. 57b. - Liber VIII fol. 60b. - Liber IX. fol. 67b

Perusinorum ad Pium II. in oboedientia oratio fol. 76a. - (Editor's dedication.) fol. 77a
Vita Papae Pii II. (7 lvs.) fol. 78a

De vita et gestis Brachii libri VI. - Summa Historiae Brachianae capita. fol. 1a
(Editor's dedication) fol. 1a. - Prooemium. fol. 2a - Liber I. fol. 2b - Liber II. fol. 9b - Liber III. fol. 19b - Liber IV. fol. 30a - Liber V. fol. 41a - Liber VI. (10 lvs.) fol. 49a

Epigrammatum libri VIII. (Editor's dedication fol. 1b.) - Indicaria in Epigrammatum libros Epitomatula. fol. 3a
Elegiarum epigrammatumque liber primus.fol. 6b - Liber II. fol. 6b - Liber III. fol. 10b - Liber IV. fol. 14b - Liber V.fol. 18a - Liber VI. fol. 19b - Liber VII. fol. 21b - Liber VIII. fol. 24a
Registrum huius operis. (Colophon.) fol. 27b

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