CAMENA - Lateinische Texte der Frühen Neuzeit

Corpus Automatum Multiplex Electorum Neolatinitatis Auctorum

TERMINI - Vernetzter Wortschatz lateinischer Wissensliteratur der Frühen Neuzeit

We are building a machine that is able to compare elements of our texts with items that are assembled in special lists. If an element fits an item, the machine will automatically encode it - as a personal name, for instance. Morphological and minor spelling variants will be included. A number of electronic wordlists can easily be extracted from old or new reference books, as for instance the VITAE by M. Adam, the big LEXICON UNIVERSALE by J.J. Hofmann (see in our "Thesaurus eruditionis") or the ORBIS LATINUS by J.G.Th. Graesse.


The first step is the project "Personen- und Ortssuche" or "Named Entity Recognition" (NER)

Online Demo

Bibliographical references -- Hofmann

Online Demo


last update: 01/06/06